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Omole: Cybersecurity simulation for complex systems

What is Omole?

  1. WWW based service helps to identify potential security breaks in a system.
  2. The formal technique used to provoke thoughts about the way how the rights and information may be passed along the systems assets under given operation conditions
  3. Builders (Yoruba language)

Project's outlines
  • Version 1.4. Supports the weight for edges. The weights may be viewed as subjective probability that corresponding to the edge relation will be realized in a system. More info..
  • New method to find the minimal information cut of a security graph. Where cut is a set of edges in security graph whose deletion from the graph disconnects source active(vertex) from the traget(vertex).
  • The service is tested only under Chrome and Firefox desctop browser.
  • The alpha version of the report generator is available.
Inf:The site is under developmnet. The complexity of the security graph and/or available methods for it analyses may be subject of the restrictions depends on the available resources (current limit the 50 edges).
Who use the service?


This service has pure educational purpose and designated to help cybersecurity specialists understand the usability of the formal security simulation for improving a security of their systems.
This site is free for users but due to limited resources we have to restrict the complexity of the models. Additional limitation (number of the running task e.t.c.) may be applied in situ depends on the available  resources.
Our team has made considerable effort to provide error free and secure service, but due to the research nature of the project we are not able to guarantee completeness and correctness of the results obtained from service or confidentiality, integrity and availability of users' data. The interpretation and verification of the results are the sole responsibility of the users.  
It is necessary to register, to start using the service. The registration is completely free and used only for improving and updating the service.