General information

The OMOLE project build on the top of the Docker technology. You do not neeed directly downloads the OMOLE's run times. The docker engine will do that. All you needed is a docker-compose file for the project. The proper docker engine and docker-compose service shold be installed. Please refer the official docker installation instructions for apropritate platform. The OMOLE should work on the most i86x linux boxes, Macs and probably on the Windows machines (the lasts are never tested).

Before trhe installations starts ...

  1. The running project locally may require a good computer power and a RAM space for working with real size security problems.
  2. In the locally installed version there is NO restriction on the size of the model and NO demo content.
  3. Please sure that there is NO other WWW server running on the default port 80
  4. You need fast Internet connection during the installation process

Docker compose file for the project

Installing and Running the OMOLE

  1. Install the docker engine on your host.
  2. Download the latest OMOLE's docker compose file.
  3. Run the the project:
    docker-compose -f omole??.yml up -d
    where: omole??.yml is a name downloaded docker-cmpose file.
    Inf:This step may require some time while the project's images will be actually downloaded. It may take up to few hours depending on the speed of internet connection.
  4. Testing.
    Open Chrome or yours favorite browser locally on the host and type URL- localhost. The full copy of the OMOLE Project should be loaded locally to the browser window.